Instructor of Record

Inequality in Urban Life

In Spring 2020 I will be the instructor of record for an upper division sociology course Inequality in Urban Life (SOCI 470). Although this course will be taught in the spring, it is part of a year long program called Community Bridges, sponsored by the Kinder Institute. In this program, undergraduates at Rice University work with local non-profits over the course of the year and take a course on urban inequality in their final semester. Through my involvement with the program, I will work with these undergraduates throughout the year, and teach Inequality on Urban Life in the spring. This course combines sociological theory and research spanning the subfield of urban inequality with real world experience.

Science at Risk

In Fall 2018 I served as the instructor of record for Science at Risk (SOCI 314). This course uses a sociological perspective to examine key issues facing the field of science as well as the ways science and the general public intersect. Please click here to see the syllabus for SOCI 314. 

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Course Proposals

Introduction to Sociology

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Sociology of Religion

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I have pursued opportunities to mentor students throughout my graduate career. Through my work with the Religion and Public Life Program, I have mentored undergraduate fellows, leading a research team in analysis of data collected with Indian scientists, teaching members about the process of qualitative data collection, and the presentation of research.

In my own research, I have hired four undergraduate students to assist in my research, teaching them about transcription and analysis, two fundamental pieces of the qualitative research process. 

In my work with the Center for Teaching Excellence at Rice, I have worked with graduate and undergraduate students to hone their teaching. In the coming academic year, I will continue to mentor undergraduates at Rice through the Community Bridges program, in which undergraduates combine real world experience and academic knowledge to the subject of inequality in urban life.