I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at Rice University. Prior to this, I earned my bachelors degree at University of Oregon in Sociology and Planning, Public Policy, and Management. My research examines minority identity at the intersection of race, religion, immigration, and gender. My current project examines how members of two Sikh communities, one of mainstream Indian Sikhs and one of primarily white converts, experience practicing Sikhism as a minority religious tradition in the US and in England. This study reveals how religion and race intersect and shape the experience of practicing a minority religious tradition and how such experiences are linked to national context. In addition, I have done research on the environment and on work and occupations. I have published five peer reviewed articles, presented my work widely as part of academic conferences and public lectures, and have received several grants and awards in support of my research.

To learn more about my work as a sociologist, please refer to my CV